Two alternatives proposed for implementation of EU Work-Life Balance Directive


Lithuania is getting ready to transpose the EU directive on work-life balance. The Ministry of Social Security and Labour proposed two models of implementation and asked the public and experts to decide which would be the best.

National Equality and Diversity Awards: nominations revealed


The nominees for the National Equality and Diversity Awards have been disclosed. The committee of experts selected candidates that have demonstrated outstanding achievements and sustained commitment to the pursuit of diversity, equality and inclusion in the society. The nominees include theater play, podcast author, TV show, elementary school and others.

107 years left to reach gender parity in Eastern Europe


According to Global Gender Gap Report, Lithuania dropped from 24th to 33rd place in 2019. The index, published by World Economic Forum, measures gender equality progress in 153 countries.

Gender-based violence prevention will be ensured by bridging the institutional gaps


The barriers at the institutional level, miscommunication and miscoordination of agencies are seen as heavy obstacles for an effective prevention of gender-based violence. Gender stereotypes in education system, schools and classes are also causing difficulties to eradicate the problem from its very begining.

Gender statistics in the Baltic states: new interactive data published


The national statistical office “Statistics Lithuania” announced new data on gender statistics in the Baltics. It covers a wide range of topics that characterize the current gender equality situation, measuring gaps between women and men.

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